Veteran and Military Mental Health

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Military service is associated with a unique set of experiences that have implications for mental health. These experiences include operational deployment to conflict zones, peacekeeping deployments and humanitarian missions following disaster. This body of research is conducted as a series of competitively funded and commissioned projects and in collaboration with the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Defence. It examines four key themes:

  1. Common mental health outcomes following these experiences, including an examination of the clinical phenomenology of these mental health sequelae, and how these may differ from those following non military trauma
  2. Organisational, environmental and individual risk and resilience factors that influence mental health outcomes following military experiences
  3. Pathways to care for military veterans and uptake and engagement with clinical services.
  4. Interventions and service models for delivery of care to veterans with military related mental health problems.



  • Professor Sandy McFarlane and Dr Miranda van Hooff, Centre for Traumatic Stress Studies (University of Adelaide)
  • Professor Richard Bryant Centre for Traumatic Stress (UNSW)
  • Professor Malcolm Battersby Flinders University
  • Professor Virginia Lewis La Trobe University
  • Dr Monique Crane Macquarie University
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Department of Defence
  • Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service


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Research Outcomes

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