Frameworks for Health



  • Professor Susan Rossell, School of Health Sciences Brain and Psychological  Sciences Centre, Swinburne University
  • Professor Kathleen Gray, Department of Computing and Information Systems,  University of Melbourne
  • A/Professor Robyn Woodward-Kron, Melbourne Medical School, University of  Melbourne
  • Dr Simon Knowles, Department of Psychological Sciences, Swinburne University
  • Professor David Thompson, Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research,  Australian Catholic University
  • A/Professor Chantal Ski, Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research,  Australian Catholic University
  • Professor Susan Rossell, Swinburne University
  • Caroline Ashcroft, Department of Health Wellbeing Integrated Care and Ageing * Division
  • Marco De Ieso, NEAMI National
  • Cayte Hopner, Mental Health, Latrobe Regional Hospital
  • Bridget Organ, Mental Health, St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne
  • Chris Hynan, Nexus, St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne
  • Vivienne Harkness, Stroke Association of Victoria
  • Paul Fullertion, Boroondara Stroke Support Group
  • Anne Muldowney, Carers Victoria


Langham R, Gilbert M, Salzberg M, Liew D, Castle D.  “Evaluating the impact of a psychosocial intervention (Optimal Health Program) on anxiety, depression and quality of life for people with chronic kidney disease who are commencing dialysis” Beyondblue: 2008

Castle D, Thompson D, Ski C, et al. “Achieving optimal health across chronic health conditions inpatients and carers via TRIPOD” Australian Catholic University CRN: . 2013

Castle D, Moore G, Gray K, Woodward-Kron R, Elliott K. “Optimal Health: Improving community health literacy and engagement with a psychosocial educational program”

Research Outcomes

Gilbert M, Chamberlain JA, White CR, Mayers PW, Pawsey B, Liew D, Musgrave M, Crawford K, Castle DJ. “Controlled clinical trial of a self-management program for people with a mental illness in an Adult Mental Health Service: the Optimal Health Program (OHP)” Australian Health Review 2012; 36:1-7

O’Brien C, Ski C, Moore G, Thompson D, Lautenschlager N, Gonzalez G, Castle D. “Exploring healthcare provider experiences of stroke carer needs: Informing development of an Optimal Health Program” Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation 2014; 21: 421-431

Ski CF, Castle DJ, Lautenschlager NT, Moore G, Thompson DR.  “Caring for caregivers after stroke” International Psychogeriatrics 2015; 27: 1-4

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For further information about this research, please contact Chair of Psychiatry, St Vincent's Mental Health Unit, Department of Psychiatry University of Melbourne Professor David Castle

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