Research Overview

The ultrasound group has two areas of activity:

1.  ultrasound using  microbubble contrast agents

  • currently the main focus is in characterization of focal liver pathologies including benign and malignant tumours.
  • the focus is expected to expand to assess the place of contrast agents in evaluating  renal transplant dysfunction in the early postoperative period

2.The study of ultrasound elastography in staging liver fibrosis in chronic liver disease. The group has been using Point Shear Wave Elastography and have accumulated a database of approximately 2000 patients. The current research aims are:

  • assessment factors that impact on reliability of elastography in fibrosis staging and  
  • correlation of  elastography measurements  with long term outcomes

It is expected this activity will expand in 2017 to include two dimensional shear wave elastography ( 2D- SWE) to determine how this impacts on accuracy of fibrosis staging in liver and it is anticipated that applications of 2D-SWE will be extended to study its role in renal and thyroid disease.


  • Professor Robert N Gibson, Professorial Fellow


  • Dr Siddarth Sood, Head of Hepatology Srrvices, Royal Melbourne Hospital
  • A/Prof Amanda Nicoll, Head of Gastroenterology, Eastern Health.
  • Dr David Nadebaum. Master of Philosophy (Melb) Student

Research Outcomes

  • Melbourne Health  2015 Research Week. Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Imaging (ARFI) and the non-invasive assessment of liver fibrosis; an analysis of performance within a 'real-life' Australian setting. Nadebaum D, Nicoll A, Howell J, Sood S, Christie M, Gorelik A, Liew D, Gibson R.
  • Inter-operator concordance in Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Imaging (ARFI); a practical role for multiple operators to improve diagnostic performance.  Nadebaum D, Nicoll A, Howell J, Sood S, Christie M, Gorelik A, Liew D, Gibson R.
  • N. Harris, D.Nadebaum, M.Christie, A.Gorelik, A.Nicoll, S.Sood, R.Gibson.ARFI accuracy and the impact of hepatic steatosis on liver fibrosis staging. ARGANZ ASM 2016
  • Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI) Imaging - Can we predict when a second operator is needed?W. Wang, D. Nadebaum, A. Gorelik, A. Nicoll, S. Sood, R. N. Gibson. ARGANZ ASM 2016
  • "Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse accuracy and the impact of hepatic steatosis on liver fibrosis staging"(in press)

Research Publications

  • Claudon M, Dietrich CF, Choi BI, Cosgrove DO, Kudo M, Nolsøe CP, Piscaglia F, Wilson SR, Barr RG, Chammas MC, Chaubal NG, Chen MH, Clevert DA, Correas JM, Ding H, Forsberg F, Fowlkes JB, Gibson RN, Goldberg BB, Lassau N, Leen EL, Mattrey RF, Moriyasu F, Solbíatí L, Weskott HP, Xu HX. Guidelines and Good Clinical Practice Recommendations for Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) in the Liver-Update 2012:Ultrasound Med Biol. 2013 Feb;39(2):187-210.
  • JF Gerstenmaier , KN Hoang , RN Gibson. Contrast-enhanced ultrasound in gallbladder disease: A pictorial review. Abdominal Radiology  2016 DOI 10.1007/s00261-016-0729-4

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