Brain Tumour Biology and Therapies

Research Overview

Gliomas are the most common form of brain tumour and glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the highest grade of these tumours. These tumours are characterised by extensive invasion into normal brain tissue, and this feature contributes significantly to tumour recurrence and morbidity. The most common primary brain tumour is the GBM which is classified as a WHO Grade IV astrocytoma. The current standard of care involves maximal safe surgical resection followed by concurrent chemotherapy (Temozolomide) and radiotherapy. Despite this current treatment regime, the median survival of GBM patients is 9-12 months.


A/Prof Kate Drummond, Neurosurgeon

Dr Stanley Stylli, Post-Doctoral scientist,

Dr Andrew Morokoff, Neurosurgeon and Senior Lecturer

Dr Rodney Luwor, Senior Scientist

Dr Alexios Adamides, Neurosurgeon,

Ms Lucy Paradiso, Research Assistant

Dr Chenkai Ma, PhD Student

Clarissa Whitehead, PhD student

Dylan Jones, Honours Student


Professor Tali Siegal (Hadassah Medical Centre, Israel)

Dr Iris Lavon (Hadassah Medical Centre, Israel)

Associate Professor Izhak Haviv (Bar-Ilan University, Israel)

Professor Helen V. Danesh-Meyer (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

Professor Colin R. Green (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

Dr Andrew Morokoff (University of Melbourne, Australia)

Dr Alexios Adamides (The Royal Melbourne Hospital, AUstralia)

Associate Professor James Ziogas, (The University of Melbourne)


Friends of The Royal Melbourne Hospital Neuroscience Foundation

John T Reid Charitable Trusts


Cure Brain Cancer

Brain Foundation Australia

Melbourne Health - RMH Lottery Grant

Research Outcomes

For a complete listing of Professor Kaye's publications on Pubmed

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Research Publications

1: Stylli SS, Adamides AA, Koldej RM, Luwor RB, Ritchie DS, Ziogas J, Kaye AH.

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