Medical Education Overview

The Department of Medical Education investigates learning and teaching in medical education, including curriculum design, assessment and evaluation, and student selection. We undertake interdisciplinary and translational research with local and international collaborators to inform the education of future doctors.

Our researchers are clinicians, educators, and bioscience and social scientists who investigate aspects of medical education in tutorial, clinical, and community healthcare settings. These aspects of medical education include healthcare communication between students and patients, between students and other health professionals, and student engagement and well-being.


Curriculum, Assessment and Evaluation

We undertake research in a broad range of areas related to the development, implementation of entry to practice and other medical programs. The development of the Melbourne Doctor of Medicine course has provided a unique opportunity to evaluate aspects of curriculum design, assessment and evaluation. Research foci include progress testing, clinical assessment and feedback, diagnostic reasoning, clinical patient contact and competence.

Healthcare Communication

We collaborate with health professional educators, clinicians, and applied linguists to address pressing and emerging issues in healthcare communication such as patient safety and well-being, intercultural communication including English language tests for overseas qualified health professionals, and aspects of health literacy. Examples of educational resources resulting from these research activities are Doctors Speak Up for International Medical Graduates and the Healthcare communication in Emergency Departments

Student Engagement and experience

The student engagement group undertakes research into the student/health professional experience of learning in different stages of the professional practice journey. Research from this group examines factors which influence student learning.


Sources of funding for current projects include Australian Research Council Linkage funding, Office of Learning and Teaching, GAMSAT Consortium, Melbourne Networked Society Institute, Office of Research Ethics and Integrity (UoM), Teaching and Learning grants (UoM).


We have close collaborative links with the National Board of Medical Examiners, University of Western Sydney, Flinders University, Vanderbilt University, and University of Lugano, Switzerland.

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