ACADI Seminar Series, October 20: Understanding the acute, chronic & emerging complications of diabetes

Join the seminar to hear from one of Australia's leading clinician researchers on advancing our understanding of the acute, chronic and emerging complications of diabetes.

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The Speaker: Professor Richard MacIsaac, Bsc (HONS), PhD, MBBS, FRACP

Richard MacIsaac is a clinician-researcher who is currently Professor and Director of Endocrinology and Diabetes at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne and the University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He is also a Senior Principal Research Associate, St Vincent's Institute of Medical Research, an Honorary Clinical Research Fellow, The Bionics Institute of Australia and the Diabetic Kidney Disease co-stream leader for the Australian Centre for Accelerating Diabetes Innovations (ACADI), University of Melbourne.

Clinically he works both in the private and public hospital settings. He has been a principal investigator for numerous diabetes clinical trials related to cardiovascular and kidney outcomes, including the landmark LEADER, SUSTAIN 6, CANVAS R, SCORED, FIGARO, and FIDELIO studies. His main research interest is diabetes and its acute and chronic complications, especially those related to cardiovascular and kidney disease.

He has published over 300 research articles. His current specific research interests include inpatient glycaemic control, defining the albuminuria and glomerular filtration rate relationship in diabetes, investigating new biomarkers for kidney and vascular disease in diabetes and studying kidney function in Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and hyperglycaemic emergencies. He also has an interest in the application of new medicines and technologies to improve glycaemic control and outcomes in people with diabetes.

ACADI's monthly seminar series are held on the third Friday of each month.

The seminars are free and open to the public. The seminars will be recorded and viewable to anyone across Australia.

Our purpose is to provide an avenue for knowledge and idea exchange in the field of diabetes, medical research and innovation.

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