ACADI Seminar Series, Feb 17: Investigating Diabetes Care in the Hospital

The first in the ACADI 2023 seminar series will be held on Friday 17th February at 2pm. Associate Professor Spiros Fourlanos will be speaking on the topic of ‘Investigating Diabetes Care in the Hospital’.

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2023 marks the second year for the Australian Centre for Accelerating Diabetes Innovations, and brings with it the launch of this year's ACADI monthly seminar series.

The seminars will be held on the third Friday of each month. They are free and open to the public, and  will be recorded and viewable to anyone across Australia.

Our purpose is to provide an avenue for knowledge and idea exchange in the field of diabetes, medical research and innovation.

You will hear from clinician partners from across ACADI, highlighting their research and areas of unmet need, and we'll have people living with diabetes sharing their perspectives. You'll hear from industry partners providing insights into pharmaceutical, medtech and digital health. We'll also have academics from an array of STEM related disciplines focusing on emerging technologies that could potentially be used in innovations addressing diabetes complications.

On Friday, 17th February, we have the privilege to hear from Associate Professor Spiros Fourlanos, a lead researcher on an ACADI funded project.

Associate Professor Spiros Fourlanos is Director of the Royal Melbourne Hospital Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology.

He obtained his medical and PhD degrees at the University of Melbourne. His doctoral thesis was on ‘Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults (LADA): New Clinical, Immunogenetic and Metabolic Perspectives’ and performed at the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute, supervised by Professors Len Harrison and Colman. In conjunction with Professor Peter Colman he developed the BioGrid Diabetes Database, which is now being used in multiple institutes in Australia for clinical care and benchmarking.

More recently, he oversaw the Royal Melbourne Hospital becoming the first Australian hospital to have a complete automated networked blood glucose monitoring system.

His clinical research interests include managing diabetes in the hospital, adult-onset autoimmune diabetes and medical device technologies for diabetes.

Spiros is a lead researcher in the University of Melbourne ACADI collaboration, and is also honorary treasurer of the Australian Diabetes Society Council.

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