ACADI Seminar Series, June16: Sweet Dreams: Unravelling the impact of sleep on diabetes management

Sleep is one of the main pillars of health, yet the  impact of poor sleep on diabetes management is less well studied. On Friday 16th June, 2-3pm, Professor Elif Ekinci will be joined by Dr Cecilia Pham, who will explore the significance of sleep and sleep health in individuals living with diabetes.

The presentation will also feature guest speakers who will share their personal experiences with sleep disturbance and the impact it has had on the management of their diabetes.

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Dr Cecilia Pham, BPharm MD

Dr. Cecilia Pham is an Endocrinologist and a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne. Her research investigates the significance of the link between sleep and diabetes.

Dr Pham graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Pharmacy and the University of Melbourne with a Doctor of Medicine. She completed her endocrinology specialist training at Austin and Eastern Health in 2022. Her PhD research focuses on the link between glycaemic variability and sleep, as well as the metabolic, emotional, and well-being alterations associated with sleep disruptions in people living with diabetes. Dr. Pham is presently a research fellow and investigator at the Centre for Diabetes and Obesity Research and Education.

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