Louise Segan 2022 Cardiology Prevention Prize

Congratulations to Dr Louise Segan, who was awarded the Cardiology Prevention Prize at the 2022 CSANZ Scientific Meeting on the 13th of August 2022.

Dr Segan, MBBS, is a Consultant Cardiologist and a PhD fellow at the cardiac electrophysiology lab at the Baker Institute. Her main research interests are in atrial fibrillation and heart failure. She is passionate about improving heart failure management with an EP focus, with a particular focus on optimising outcomes in patients with AF and heart failure.

Dr Segan was awarded the prize for her work exploring the impact of lifestyle factors on the risk of AF development. Her group developed an AF lifestyle-based risk score among the UK Biobank and externally validated this novel risk score in the Framingham Heart Study. Dr Segan, Professor Kistler and their team hope to enhance the understanding of the impact of modifiable lifestyle risk factors on the risk of AF development and disease progression to enhance population screening, improve risk stratification and facilitate targeted lifestyle interventions.

Dr Louise Segan receiving the Cardiology Prevention Prize at the 2022 CSANZ Scientific Meeting

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