Best Practice Mental Health

Conceptual framework to guide change and the implementation of best practice depression care in the primary care setting

Reference: Gunn J, Palmer V, Dowrick C, Herrman H, Griffiths F, Kokanovic R, Blashki G, Hegarty K, Johnson C, Potiriadis M, May C. (2010). "Embedding effective depression care: using theory for primary care organisational and systems change." Implement Sci 5: 62-76.

Five key tasks for effective depression management

Reference: Palmer V, Gunn J, Kokanovic R, Griffiths F,  Shrimpton B, Hurworth R, Herrman H, Johnson C, Hegarty K, Blashki G, Butler E, Johnston-Ata'ata K, Dowrick C. (2010). "Diverse voices, simple desires: a conceptual design for primary care to respond to depression and related disorders." Fam Pr 27(4): 447-458.