We would like to congratulate the following DGP Graduate Research students who successfully completed their PhDs in 2021. We are so proud of all they have achieved, and we wish each of them all the best as they move onto the next stage of their careers!


Thesis Title

Principal Supervisor

Dr Robab Abdolkhani

Development of a Data Quality Management Guideline for Patient Generated Health Data in Remote Patient Monitoring

Prof Kathleen Gray

Dr Cynthia Brown

Redefining the measurement of technology-facilitated abuse in relationships: The TAR Scale

Prof Kelsey Hegarty

Dr Fitriana Ekawati (PhD)

Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (HDP) management pathways for Indonesian primary care

Dr Phyllis Lau

Dr Renee Fiolet

Exploring the use of technology to address barriers Indigenous peoples experience when help-seeking for family violence

Prof Kelsey Hegarty

Dr Amanda McKenzie

Friends' responses to young women experiencing intimate partner violence: a qualitative study with young women and friends

Prof Kelsey Hegarty

Dr Kylie McKenzie

Mental-physical multimorbidity, motivational interviewing and the mechanisms of collaborative care: A multimethod examination

Prof Jane Gunn

Dr Carol O’Dwyer

The gender-sensitive care project: Exploring sexual violence in psychiatric inpatient units

Prof Kelsey Hegarty

Dr Sibel Saya

Approaches to targeted colorectal cancer screening in Australia: bridging the gap between epidemiology and impact

Prof Jon Emery