Target D Finding

Testing a model of stepped care for depression in general practice

Based on over 15 years of mental health research, including the 10-year diamond longitudinal study of primary care patients with depressive symptoms, the NHMRC funded Target-D study aims to test a new Clinical Prediction Tool (CPT), which triages patients into low, medium and high likelihood of ongoing depression.
Patients are able to complete the Target-D Toolkit online, either in the waiting room or in the comfort of their own homes. Upon completion of the Target-D Toolkit, patients are given evidence based treatment options appropriate for their needs.

Our approach builds on user centred design carried out with input from GPs, computer engineers, academic researchers, members of the public and patients who were experiencing depressive symptoms at the time. The result is Target-D, which places an emphasis on patient centred care and personal priority setting.

Over the past year, the Target-D team has been recruiting in GP clinics across the metro Melbourne area, with recruitment to continue throughout 2017.

A final word from two Target-D participants:

“I’ll be honest with you, the whole Target-D thing really helped me understand why I was anxious and depressed and allowed me to figure out why I was doing the things that I did when I got angry, or why I got angry in the first place.” F, 29

“I’m definitely going to go and continue my care though, and get a referral and everything. But that’s only because of Target-D, it has given me the confidence and trust to do this.” F, 23

If you are interested in having your practice take part in the Target-D study please contact Dr Susie Fletcher at or phone: 90354872.

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