GP Supervisors reunite after 3 years of virtual support

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Teaching and Learning Team at the Department of General Practice pivoted to providing online support and training to our GP Supervisors. This saw hundreds of GP’s who supervise our medical students connecting via zoom and completing online training.

After nearly three years, GP Supervisors were finally reunited in person to connect with their fellow GPs at the 2023 GP Supervisor Education and Networking Event.

It was a lively and energetic gathering with GP Supervisors and DGP staff enthusiastically reconnecting with each other and reenergising for the coming academic year.

Here is a small sample of some of the positive feedback and comments received after the session:

Thanks for Saturday's session. I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet the faculty members and peers face to face!

Thanks for the excellent sessions – all were relevant, targeted and helpful to us at this time and couldn’t have been better timed to coincide with our first bigger intake of students. First-rate presentations and all highly relevant to us.

The Department looks forward to continuing our face-to-face engagement with our GP Supervisors and wish them a stimulating year of student interaction and training.

Image from left: Dr Wesley Joseph, Guardian Medical Highpoint; Dr Mustafa Ebranhimjee, MyClinic South Yarra; Dr Ei-Cheng Chui, MyClinic South Yarra.

Image from left: Dr Faiza Khan, Hampstead Medical Maidstone; Dr Jennifer Sanders, Tatura Medical Centre and Dhurringile Prison; Dr Cecile Arcena, Hampstead Medical Maidstone

Image from left: Dr Gareth Cooze, ForHealth – Mont Albert Medical Centre; Dr Joshua Grokop, Alma Village Medical Centre