Latest trial results from Future Health Today were showcased at the GP22 Conference

Future Health Today (FHT) is a comprehensive quality improvement program that integrates with electronic medical records to identify people with, or at risk of, a chronic disease who may benefit from intervention.

Forty-one general practices in Victoria and Tasmania participated in the trial that took place over 12 months and concluded in September 2022. The program harnessed de-identified data contained within electronic medical records to translate guidelines into practice, using quality improvement activities and active clinical support.

This interesting presentation covered how technology can be used to facilitate quality improvement activities and evaluate the effectiveness of practice-level interventions.  Given the increasingly prohibitive costs associated with traditional face-to-face academic detailing, Future Health Today has the potential to radically reform the way large-scale trials are performed. The results of this study will be used to inform policy regarding quality improvement activities in general practice and shape the delivery of clinical decision support using technology.