"I Decide" - a relationship tool for women

Professor Kelsey Hegarty is developing a technological tool to assist women suffering physical, emotional and / or sexual abuse

Professor Kelsey Hegarty is an academic general practitioner who holds the joint Chair in Family Violence Prevention at the University of Melbourne and the Royal Women's Hospital. She co-chairs the Melbourne Research Alliance to End Violence against Women (MAEVe) and recently was the special guest on Lindy Burns Writs & Cures program on ABC Radio Melbourne, talking about a ground-breaking study into family violence.
This is the link with the interview starting about 1hr 30 in.  

Powerful listening as Kelsey talks about her early research, her recent work with GPs training them to help women suffering physical, emotional and /or sexual abuse and the ongoing development of a technological tool – I decide about my relationship - to provide assistance in another form to women, enabling them to access it on a smart phone.