The Doris Young Visiting Professorship Awards 2020

In February we welcomed A/Prof Ly-Mee Yu from the University of Oxford.

Ly-Mee is a medical statistician, with 17 years’ experience in clinical trials across a wide range of clinical areas, including but not limited to, renal disease, behavioural health research, vaccinology, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, surgery, allied health, mental health, diabetes, neurosciences, respiratory, and orthopaedics.

She is currently Deputy Director and the Lead Trial Statistician of the Primary Care Clinical Trials Unit at the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences. Clinical trials units (CTUs) are specialised units with a remit to design, conduct, analyse, and disseminate clinical trials or studies. Since the initiation of the UK Clinical Research Collaboration registration process for non-commercial clinical trials units in the UK, the registered CTUs have demonstrated the capability to deliver high quality clinical trials.

Ly-Mee brought a wealth of experience and insights of the pros and cons of setting up a CTU, how various CTUs operate in Oxford and across the UK and provided examples of how trials were adopted within the CTU. In particular, she shared her recent experiences of how restructuring the Oxford Primary Care Clinical Trials Unit almost doubled their trial staff and increased the portfolio of trials run at the Primary Care CTU since 2015.

A/Prof Ly-Mee Yu was the recipient of the Doris Young Visiting Professor Award. The Department of General Practice has established the award to facilitate research collaboration, engagement and mentorship from international distinguished researchers. Nominations for the visiting professor award are put forward by Department of General Practice staff. International research collaborators are encouraged to contact research colleagues within the Department of General Practice to discuss their interest in this program.