The future of chronic disease detection and management is here

Future Health Today is providing GPs with an innovative digital health intervention to improve patient outcomes and point-of-care practices.

Future Health Today (FHT) is a proactive digital health intervention being developed by the Department of General Practice and Western Health that utilises data from electronic medical records (EMRs) to automate the detection of chronic disease and provides new opportunities for early intervention and evidence-informed management to improve health outcomes. FHT has been co-designed by GPs, practice nurses, practice managers and patients.

Initially focused on chronic kidney disease (CKD), FHT will expand to include type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease and is designed to be able to incorporate other chronic diseases and a patient portal in the future.

Integrating with existing EMR programs, the FHT tool seamlessly alerts GPs to at-risk patients and advises the doctor of treatment options via evidence-based clinical guidelines. This is supported by an in-built library and linked directly to peak bodies resources, so the GP can trust that the information they are receiving is in line with best practice guidelines.

We’re grateful to Altona North Medical Group (ANMG) for being our first Future Health Today site.

[Pictured: ANMG staff member Melissa, Stavroula and Rory with FHT program manager, Siouxzy]. We are now recruiting additional practices to participate in the ongoing development, piloting and implementation of this innovative platform.

If you’d like to find out about Future Health Today or express interest in your general practice becoming a pilot site, please contact Anna Wood -

Future Health Today is a collaboration between University of Melbourne and Western Health and receives funding from the Paul Ramsay Foundation and the Melbourne Academic Centre for Health.