WiserAD at The AAAPC 2022 Annual Research Conference

The WiserAD Trial team recently made a jam-packed appearance at the AAAPC 2022 Annual Research Conference with 3 exciting new research poster presentations and an oral presentation from PhD candidate Amy Coe.

The three poster presentations described the development of the online tool through to the trial protocol and finally the proposed evaluation of the support tool.  
Amy later presented her published scoping review on Deprescribing intervention activities mapped to guiding principles for use in general practice <doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2021-052547>.

  • WiserAD: Designing an online support tool to help reduce antidepressant medication use in primary care – Dr Cath Kaylor-Hughes.
  • A protocol for a realist evaluation of The WiserAD Online Support Tool for Antidepressant Deprescribing – Ms. Amy Coe
  • The WiserAD Trial: A protocol for the randomised trial of a structured online intervention to promote and support antidepressant deprescribing in primary care – Ms. CharnĂ© Froneman

WiserAD is a randomised controlled trial which aims to improve understanding and provide support to patients and their GP through the process of antidepressant deprescribing.

If you are a GP or practice nurse and are interested in antidepressant deprescribing the WiserAD Trial is now recruiting Victorian GP practices! Please reach out on our Twitter or Instagram @WiserAD or send an email to wiserad-enquiries@unimelb.edu.au, and we will get back to you shortly!

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