Project Outputs

  1. GP-NAPS: The feasibility of passive audit of antibiotic prescribing in general practice - PAT005
  2. Evaluating a safety and efficacy protocol of a COVID-19 'Drive Through' clinic - PAT020
  3. Examining changes in healthcare utilisation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic (Centre for Digital Transformation of Health) - PAT024
  4. Chlamydia study in Victoria, Australia; comparing testing, diagnosis, treatment and re-testing rate in urban and regional area of general practice in Victoria - PAT029
  5. Primary healthcare during the Covid-19 pandemic: describing transition to telehealth and primary care response in eight countries (Note, data are not shared between countries. Researchers in each of 8 countries are analysing their own primary care dataset. Aggregated results will be brought together in the final paper) - PAT043