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Research and short courses for primary care clinicians

The Department of General Practice welcomes collaboration with GPs, practice managers and nurses (and other primary care providers) interested in contributing to research.

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Most medical research occurs in hospitals or labs, yet Australians receive the majority of their healthcare from GPs. General practices are our research laboratories. Having GPs and practice managers willing to be involved in research creates new knowledge that can improve care and the way services are delivered - to improve the health of Australians!

VicREN is a primary care practice-based research and education network that enables practices to get involved in research. VicREN is free to join.

Participants wanted!

Data for Decisions

Data for Decisions is an exciting research initiative. It aims to make better use of existing primary care data for research which means less money being spent by tax payers to fund new data collection. We are recruiting general practices to participate in this initiative which is creating a database of de-identified information from electronic medical records. The privacy protection and data security measures associated with this project are second to none. Find out more here.

Student projects

We have honours, MD research and PhD students looking for volunteers to contribute to a variety of studies. This is a great way for primary care providers to give back and gain insights into research. Become a member of VicREN so that you do not miss hearing about these research opportunities.

Other projects

See here for some of the many projects underway in the Department of General Practice.

Short courses

Follow this link for information on short courses run by the Department of General Practice.

Want to share a research idea?

If you are interested in participating in research, or you have a research idea that you would like to get off the ground, tell us now!