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The Wurru Wurru Health Unit (WWHU) is a part of the Melbourne Medical School and situated within the Department of Medical Education. The WWHU is dedicated to designing and delivering First Nations health, public health and preventative medicine curriculum to health professions students across the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences (MDHS). The team are also passionate about qualitative and mixed methods research to ensure that all curriculum is informed by local First Nations communities and Elders of the Nations across Naarm (Melbourne) and Victoria.

The WWHU is comprised of First Nations academics; Senior Lecturer and Director of the team Dr Ngaree Blow, Lecturer Madelyne Hudson-Buhagiar and Associate lecturers Brooke Conley and Storm Henry, as well as First Nations professional staff members Kerrie Armstrong and Teaka Williams. In addition, the WWHU supports 20 casual Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander tutors.

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Photo of the Wurru Wurru Health Unit team members

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Wurru Wurru Health Unit

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