About the Artwork

The Artist

Rubii Red (@lifeofrubii) is a proud Lama Lama woman from Cape York, QLD, but has grown up and has lived in Naarm (Melbourne, VIC) majority of her life. She’s an artist, Twitch streamer, aspiring videographer and an activist, who uses her art to speak about important issues to her and her community.

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Wurru Wurru Health Unit Logo

The Artwork

The Wurru Wurru Health Unit logo has been designed in collaboration with local traditional custodians of the Wurundjeri Nation. We use the language and imagery concepts with permission and appropriate remuneration from the Wurundjeri land council. We particularly want to acknowledge Aunty Di Kerr, Mandy Nicolson, Stacie Piper and the Djirri Djirri dance group for their involvement in shaping our team’s philosophy and story.

The Wurru Wurru health unit shares the story of the 6 layers of Country, by acknowledging sky Country- Wurru Wurru to represent our unit’s “sky” lens over all the layers of Country and layers of social determinants of health and wellbeing. By taking a holistic view of health and looking at all the layers of Country, including above sky (star country- dharangulk) and below sky, Murnmut, Bannj, Bik dui and Bik Ut, we connect to everything that determines health and wellbeing- the social, emotional, cultural and spiritual wellbeing.

Strong connection to land and local community as essential to health and wellbeing

Wurru Wurru has a second meaning and representation as the Sacred King fisher bird: represents the spirit of transformation, regeneration, and creation. Flying it's Songline to Merri Creek waterways over spring and once late Summer hits, Wurru-Wurru heads up through the clouds, to Bunjil's home, Forest Country above the clouds, where it returns murrup (spirits) of people who have passed on to the place of durt-bulok (many Stars). The Sacred Kingfisher migrates back to Queensland and even further North leaving the feeling of inspiration, recreation and rebirth on Wurundjeri Country.

Intellectual property accredited to Wurundjeri Community of  the Kulin Nation