Call for Nominations

Academy of Clinical Teachers nominations

Nominations for Membership and Fellowship of the Academy of Clinical Teachers are currently closed.

When nominations open, details will be provided here. Directors of Medical Education, Department Heads and subject coordinators will be notified.

Nominations should be made by Directors of Medical Education, Department Heads or Subject Coordinators and should be addressed to the Head, Melbourne Medical School.

The Melbourne Medical School’s Academy of Clinical Teachers is primarily for clinicians who teach over and above any paid employment they may have with the university.  While university staff are not precluded from being admitted to the Academy, their contribution is expected to be significantly greater than would be expected as part of their employed role.

Nominations should comprise the following:

  1. Application cover sheet (refer link below)
  2. Statement of support by nominator relevant to the category of nomination – member or fellowship (maximum 2 pages)
  3. Brief CV of nominee with a focus on teaching achievements and outputs (maximum of two pages)
  4. Supporting documentation (this may include but is not limited to student evaluations, peer recommendations, other awards related to teaching, other evidence of teaching innovation such as sample teaching material)

NOTE: Research activity and specialist college training roles are not directly relevant to the application.


Details of submission processes will be made available when nominations open.


Joanne Rao

Phone: +61 3 90353270


Selection Committee

The Selection Committee membership is:

  1. Head, Melbourne Medical School or representative
  2. Head, Department of Medical Education
  3. One other academic staff member with major teaching responsibilities
  4. An MD student representative

Links to required documentation:

Cover Sheet Application ACT 2018