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This workshop was held in Kuala Lumpa at the Ottawa Meeting 2020


Accurate diagnostic reasoning is fundamental to ensuring patient care and safety; thus the development of diagnostic reasoning is a key component of medical training. Oral assessments of diagnostic reasoning are highly valued for both initial and specialist medical training. Appropriately designed and implemented oral assessments allow educators to clarify, probe, and confirm trainees reasoning. Although oral assessments are widely used to evaluate reasoning skills, criticisms include lack of standardisation, bias and low reliability. We developed a novel approach, the standardised case based discussion (SCBD), which allows trainees to demonstrate their diagnostic reasoning in the context of a standardized, authentic clinical case with a single examiner


  1. Reflected on the role of the SCBD in a program of assessment
  2. Understood the utility and point of difference of the SCBD
  3. Identified key concepts in writing a suitable video trigger and plan related video trigger items
  4. Demonstrated the utility of a comprehensive marking guide and case outline