PhD completion seminar

Joanne Russell

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Research Programs Coordinator

Teaching for self-regulated learning in biomedical science

Joanne Russell

Date: Thursday 18 March 2021
Time: 2pm – 3pm

Please contact Michelle Grainger for zoom link.

Self-regulated learning can be defined as the self-generated thoughts, feelings and actions directed towards achieving a learning goal. Associated with academic success and lifelong learning, self-regulated learning skills have been deemed important for biomedical science students to develop in preparation for healthcare careers.

Most research on self-regulated learning in biomedical science focuses on student perceptions, approaches and outcomes. The extent to which teaching in biomedical science is designed to foster student self-regulated learning is unknown. It is also unclear how this is enacted and why this is so.

This research explores educators' practice and experiences of teaching for self-regulated learning in biomedical science. The findings underscore challenges, such as cultural expectations of disciplinary content to be taught (crowded curriculum) and assumptions that students should already be able to self regulate their learning. There is also a sense of risk for educators in challenging didactic teaching traditions.

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