Discovery: Clinical Scholar Pathway

If you choose to advance your knowledge and skills in clinical leadership, integrated clinical scholarship and health advocacy, in third year you will undertake Discovery 3: Integration and select from the topics offered, similar to Discovery 1: Foundation and Discovery 2: Application.

Discovery 3: Integration

Discovery 3: Integration will have a greater emphasis on clinical placement and experiential learning. You will select the clinical scholar pathway in line with your interest in clinical leadership, integrated clinical scholarship and health advocacy.

The topics in Discovery 3: Integration give you a choice of options to gain deeper insights into an area about which you are passionate and will potentially pursue in the following year.  Alternatively, the subjects can provide a stand-alone learning experience within the course.

Each of the learning options available within this subject is of high educational quality and is designed to enhance your personal and professional growth.

The subject will be delivered as a four-week intensive and employs blended delivery and integrated experiential learning experiences.

Discovery 3: Integration

Discovery 4: Clinical scholar

Discovery 4: Clinical Scholar will integrate clinical placement with a scholarly output. You will have the opportunity to preference placement disciplines across the University domain.

Within your clinical team, you will perform clinical tasks and demonstrate appropriate professional practice, highlighting the role of the medical practitioner. You will also create scholarly outputs appropriate to this context.

The level of scholarship demonstrated through core coursework and Discovery will meet all training requirements, and the course research learning outcomes, to begin a career as a clinical scholar.

Discovery 4: Clinical Scholar is a semester long full-time subject in your final year, with full immersion in clinical experiences.


Find out more about the Clinical Scholar pathway through the Discovery Flexible Pathways brochure here.