This topic follows the ethos that knowing your tools enables more effective use. You’ll explore the fundamental principles of biomedical devices. By the end of the topic, you’ll understand not only how biomedical devices work but why they will help your practice. This topic is ideal for those students who may not have prior experience in functional diagnostics and are looking to develop a foundation or expand knowledge base in biomedical devices.

Intended learning outcomes

  • Describe basic concepts and functions of common medical devices.
  • Outline and interpret common signals and misinterpretations and potential errors.
  • Explain signals to patients in appropriate language.
  • Classify signal types and group appropriately to relevant medical condition.
  • Discuss how appropriate use of devices improves the quality of patient care.
  • Prepare and disseminate clear and concise reports based on device outputs to other healthcare professionals.
  • Demonstrate understanding of multidisciplinary respect within diverse teams of professional disciplines.
  • Consistently display professional behaviour in accordance with relevant standards and their scope of practice.