Explore and build your understanding of cultural safety and First Nations Health in a cultural immersion program. In this topic you’ll gain hands-on experience in a First Nations community, building your understanding of First Nations Heath through experiential learning. Learning experiences may include visits to key cultural sites, recognising local histories, participating in clinical placements & cultural activities. This topic contributes to building your understanding of cultural safety in health contexts.

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the relationship between Country and Health for First Nations communities.
  • Discuss the importance of self-determination for health of First Peoples and communities.
  • Apply the social determinants of health as they apply to the local First Nations community in both historical and modern contexts.
  • Identify key local relationships and community stakeholders in local First Nations health community.
  • Outline different ways a health practitioner can advocate for First Nations Health in a community setting.
  • Apply understanding of cultural safety to working within a First Nations community organisation.
  • Demonstrate understanding of holistic health models through participation in cultural immersion.