In this topic, students will develop skills in communication and storytelling. Through a series of writing workshops, students will develop skills of close listening, and begin to notice these stories in their healthcare settings, allowing them to become empathic, trauma-informed and skillful communicators. Students will learn the craft of writing and begin to explore the craft of writing through examining narratives, and will start building their own portfolio, across different styles of creative writing (including poetry, short story, personal essay and non-fiction).

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Investigate and demonstrate the craft of writing and communication in science, literature and the arts.
  • Observe and tell diverse stories, including about health and care-giving, through fiction and non-fiction writing (including poetry, short story, memoir, personal essays).
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how literature and art can be used for advocacy, inclusivity, meaning and justice.
  • Demonstrate skills in attentive listening, reflection, written expression and advocacy as core elements of medical leadership.