Build your own Medical degree

The redesigned Doctor of Medicine (MD) program enables you to build your own medical degree through our MD Discovery subjects. Our MD Discovery subjects will facilitate your exploration of a wide range of topics, focus on a specific area of interest or domain of clinical practice.

Within MD Discovery, you are presented with Discovery subjects at each year of your MD journey. Each Discovery subject serves as a building block to construct well-rounded medical expertise.

Our team of Course Advisors are available at key decision points to support you in your Discovery choices. It is anticipated that students will undertake one MD Discovery subject in each year level of the MD program.

The redesigned MD provides flexible pathways for you to meet the course core research learning outcomes and includes the option in your Discovery choices in the final two years of the course to extend skills and scholarship by choosing either the Research Scholar or Clinical Scholar pathways.


Find more details about your Discovery Flexible Pathway options here.

See below the intended learning outcomes for the discovery subjects at each year level:

  • Discovery 1: Foundation: Develop a foundation of knowledge and understanding in your topic of choice.
  • Discovery 2: Application: Apply your learning to the clinical setting.
  • Discovery Research Scholar Pathway
    • Discovery 3: Research scholar: Advance your knowledge and skills in the design and conduct of research.
    • Discovery 4:  Research scholar: Collect, analyse and interpret data and then present your findings in the form of a journal article-style report, conference poster and oral presentations.
  • Discovery Clinical Scholar Pathway
    • Discovery 3: Integration: Integrate multiple concepts into your practice of medicine.
    • Discovery 4: Clinical scholar: Utilise and apply your MD Discovery learning to create a new process, research paper or patient education package to name just a few ideas.