Research Grand Rounds: Dept of Medicine, St Vincent's Hospital

Every month on the 1st Thursday of the month, until 3 Dec 2020
12pm - 1:30pm

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Christine Lancaster

T: +61 3 9231 2546

Research Grand Rounds is a monthly seminar series to share research experiences, stimulate ideas and foster collaborations amongst researchers on the St Vincent’s Campus.  Hosted by Dr Sybil McAuley and Professor Kumar Visvanathan, we invite you to join us on the first Thursday of each month at 12pm, followed by lunch and discussion at 1pm.

Level 2 Lecture Theatre, Clinical Sciences Building, 29 Regent Street, Fitzroy

2020 Research Grand Round Seminar Schedule

Research Grand Rounds presentations will continue from June via Zoom.

6 February 2020Associate Professor Jock Campbell
The aging heart 
5 March 2020Associate Professor Andre La Gerche
Exercise Science and Cardiometabolic Health
2 April 2020Professor Frank Ierino (to be rescheduled)
Advances in Immune Modulation for Clinical Transplantation 
7 May 2020Professor Wendyl D'Souza (to be rescheduled)
4 June 2020 Professor Vijaya Sundararajan (to be rescheduled)
2 July 2020Associate Professor Yvonne Bonomo (via ZOOM)
Medicinal Cannabis: the interface between research and clinical application 
6 August 2020Associate Professor Glenn Ward
3 September 2020Professor Jennifer Philip
Improving equity of access to high quality care in serious illness 
1 October 2020Associate Professor John Santamaria
5 November 2020Professor David O'Neal
3 December 2020Associate Professor Lis Evered

Past Seminars

5 December 2019Dr Davis McCarthy
Methods matter: how do we learn from high-throughput biomedical data?
7 November 2019Dr Andre Peterson
Towards patient-specific treatments for epilepsy
3 October 2019Professor TJ Martin
The cells of bone and how they communicate
5 September 2019Professor Darren Kelly
1 August 2019Professor Michael Kamm
The Gut Microbiotia: Cause and Cure of Gut (and Other) Diseases
4 July 2019Professor Con Tam
Developing New Strategies for the Treatment of B-Cell Malignancies
6 June 2019Professor Mark Cook
Seizures, Cycles and Devices - New Ways of Managing Epilepsy
2 May 2019Professor Robert Kapsa
Making muscle great again
4 April 2019Professor Mandana Nikpour
The rheumatology research program at St Vincent's: A decade of learning and growth
7 March 2019Professor Peter Cowan
Xenotransplantation: Putting pig parts in people
14 February 2019Professor Alex Thompson
A career in viral hepatitis: surfing the wave towards viral elimination
1 November 2018Associate Professor Paul Desmond
Early histological predictors of progression in partients with Barrett's oesophagus
related low grade dysplasia
4 October 2018Professor Richard MacIsaac
Optimising new Technology, Therapies and risk stratification Techniques to improve
the lives of people with diabetes (the triple T approach)
30 August 2018Professor Kumar Visvanathan
Pathogenesis of Chronic HBV: Stealth and Espionage with the innate immune system