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The main motor pathway in the brain of multiple sclerosis patients
Mobility impairment is the most disabling symptom in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. Changes to motor disability in MS are likely related to damage in the corticospinal tract (CST), the main motor pathway. Using an advanced ultra high field (7T) MRI scanner, we were able to image the CST with a high spatial resolution to study axonal damage in detail and its relationship to motor disability in patients with MS.

Images Credited to: Myrte Strik, Stacey Telianidis, Camille Shanahan, Dr. Brad Moffat, Professor Roger Ordidge, Dr. Jon Cleary, Dr. Scott Kolbe

The image above shows the white matter fibres of the corticospinal tract, which run from the cortex through the centre of the brain and terminate in the spinal cord. The colour of the tracts indicates the local fibre orientation (green: front-back, red: left-right, blue: head-foot).

This image shows the white matter fibres which run from the cortex through the brain and terminate in the spinal cord. The colour of the tracts indicate the local fibre orientation (green: front-back, red: left-right, blue: head-foot).