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Seminar 2021

  • 2021

    Seminars 2021



    4 March

    Professor Mark A Febbraio
    Tissue cross-talk during exercise: a link between physical activity and metabolic disease risk reduction?

    11 March

    Professor Louise Purton
    Regulation of haematopoiesis and the bone marrow microenvironment by retinoic acid receptor gamma

    18 March

    Associate Professor Kelly Smith
    Tmem or not Tmem? Identifying new genetic regulators of cardiac form & function

    25 March

    Dr Garron  Dodd
    Targeting The Brain To Treat Metabolic Disease
    Recording : Link

    22 April

    Dr Ben Parker
    Integrating phosphoproteomics and functional genomics to identify novel insulin signalling regulators in bone.
    Recording : Link 

    29 April

    Dr Wai-Hong Tham
    Nanobodies: diminutive antibodies with versatile applications
    Recording : Link 

    6 May

    Marcus Robertson
    Clinical risk stratification in patients with advanced liver disease and portal hypertension

    13 May

    Associate Professor Kaylene J. Simpson
    Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics
    Recording : Link

    20 May

    Professor Julie Simpson
    Introducing the Methods and Implementation Support for Clinical and Health (MISCH) research Hub

    27 May

    Dr Brian Drew
    Sex Specific Regulation of Adiposity: Insights from a model of Trim28 deletion

    Recording : Link

    3 June

    Associate Professor David Greening
    Developing new approaches for therapeutic extracellular vesicles

    Recording : Link
    10 June

    Dr Normand Poulliot
    Breast cancer brain metastasis and therapy resistance

    17 June

    Dr Kelly Rogers
    Title : Shining a light on medically important diseases using advanced microscopy

    Recording : Link

    1 July

    Dr Ingrid Bretherton
    Title : The effect of gender affirming hormone therapy on the health and well-being of transgender Australians

    Recording  :  Link

    8 July

    Daisy Zimeng Ye
    Title : Detection of Somatic Mutations in Sporadic Epilepsies

    Recording : Link

    15 July

    Professor Sarah Jane Dawson
    Title : Circulating tumour DNA to monitor the complexity of cancer

    22 July

    Associate Professor Piero Perucca
    Title : The genetics of focal epilepsy: from bench to bedside

    Recording : Link

    29 July

    Dr Kynan Lawlor and Dr Jessica Vansslambrouck from MCRI
    Title : The application of 3D cellular bioprinting to improve stem cell-derived kidney organoids

    Recording : Link

    5 August

    Dr Bow Tauro
    Title : Medical Research Future Fund - Competitive Proposals in the Current LandscapeRecording : Link

    12 August
    Professor Philip Peyton
    Title : Trials and tribulations

    Recording : Link

    19 August

    Professor Kimford J. Meador
    Title : Epilepsy and Pregnancy

    Recording : Link

    26 August

    Dr Irina Churilov
    Title :  Sarcopenia in Inpatient Rehabilitation

    2 September

    Dr Tim Sargeant
    Title :  Autophagy recycles damaged cellular material to promote healthy ageing: from cells to measurement in humans

    Recording : Link

    9 September

    Professor Tomas Kalincik
    Title : How analytics of clinical data is changing diagnosis and treatment of multiple sclerosis

    Recording : Link

    30 September

    Dr Indu Rajapaksha

    Recording :  Link

    21  October

    Associate Professor Laura Downie

    Title : Ocular tear fluid analysis: A pathway to novel biomarkers and diagnostics

    28 October

    Dr Michelle Tollit

    Title :  Understanding outcomes for trans children and adolescents receiving gender affirming care

    4 November

    Professor Suresh Mathivanan

    Title : Extracellular vesicles in cancer progression and therapy

    Recording : Link

    11 November

    Dr Linda Jane Dalic

    Title  :  Neuromodulation for the treatment of Lennox-Gastuat syndrome

    Recording : Link

    18 November

    Associate Professor Sandy Shultz

    Title  : The neurological consequences of mild brain injuries in Australian football

    Recording : Link

    25 November

    Professor Frank Gilliam

    Title : Depression in Epilepsy: From Limbic Networks to Social Connectedness

    Recording : Link

    2 December

    Dr Neda Zafari

    Title : Could estimation of kidney function in people with diabetes be improved?

    Recording : Link

    9 December

    Dr Geoff  Harley

    Title :  AMPK activators and AKI’


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