Publications include those where the MBCIU has undertaken imaging and or made data contributions.
  • 2021

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  • 2020

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  • 2019

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  • 2018

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  • 2012-2017


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Publications include those where the MBCIU has undertaken imaging and or made data contributions.
  • 2021

    Bourgeat P, Doré V, Doecke J, Ames D, Masters CL, Rowe CC, Fripp J, Villemagne VL; AIBL research group. Non-negative matrix factorisation improves Centiloid robustness in longitudinal studies. Neuroimage. 2021 Feb 1;226:117593.  Link to Publication

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    Groot C, Doré V, Robertson J, Burnham SC, Savage G, Ossenkoppele R, Rowe CC, Villemagne VL. Mesial temporal tau is related to worse cognitive performance and greater neocortical tau load in amyloid-β-negative cognitively normal individuals. Neurobiol Aging. 2021 Jan;97:41-48.             Link to Publication

  • 2020

    Krishnadas N, Doré V, Lamb F, Groot C, McCrory P, Guzman R, Mulligan R, Huang K, O'Donnell M, Ponsford J, Hopwood M, Villemagne VL, Rowe CC. Case Report: 18F-MK6240 Tau Positron Emission Tomography Pattern Resembling Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in a Retired Australian Rules Football Player. Front Neurol. 2020 Dec 22;11:598980.  Link to Publication

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  • 2019

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  • 2018

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  • 2016-2017


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