2023 Recordings

30 January 2023
Title: Exploring the lived experiences of individuals and couples accessing Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing for Monogenic conditions (PGT-M)
Presenter: Alice Poulton
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2 February 2023
Title: PhD Confirmation Seminar: Genomic characterisation of normal and abnormal endometrium
Presenter: Jessica Chung
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2 February 2023
Title: Contemporary Ethical Issues in Reproductive Medicine
Presenter: A/Prof Alex Polyakov
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3 February 2023
Title: What size is healthy? Defining abnormal fetal and infant size in pregnancy.
Presenter: Dr Natasha Pritchard
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6 February 2023
Title: Optimising abortion care: Perspectives of care providers and community stakeholders
Presenter: Kate Chaouki
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13 February 2023
Presenter:Alexandra Roddy Mitchell
Title: PhD progress seminar: Mental Health in the Perinatal Period
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14 February 2023
Title: PhD confirmation - Molecular dysregulation of stem cell markers in
placental insufficiency pathogenesis
Presenter:  Georgia Wong
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20 February 2023
Title: Investigating the basis of antibiotic resistance in Mycoplasma genitalium
Presenter: Teck-Phui Chua
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27 February 2023
Title: High flow humidified nasal oxygen in pregnant people
Presenter: Dr Patrick Tan
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6 March 2023
Title: Fertility Preservation for Children and Young Adults with Cancer
Presenter: A/Prof Mary Morris, Harvard USA
Recording: Link
13 March 2023
Title: Can anti-cancer therapies damage the uterus and compromise pregnancy success?
Presenter: Dr Meaghan Griffiths
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14 March 2023
Title: The function of SPINT molecules in placental development and insufficiency
Presenter: Ciara Murphy
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