Global Obstetric Update 2017

GOU 2017 - Announcing Super Early bird tickets now open!

Dear Friends of Mercy Perinatal

As eagerly awaited as the correct ‘Best Movie’ Oscar…we are thrilled to announce that the educational event of the year is on again. The Global Obstetric Update 2017 is happening, back at the Park Hyatt Melbourne from Thursday, 30 November to Saturday, 2 December. This year, GOU is everything that midwives, GPs and specialist need to know in clinic and in the birth suite. 

Again, we have gathered the world’s best, the most eminent speakers sourced from all around the globe. Indeed from every corner of the globe - a speaker from every continent except Antarctica! All descending to Melbourne to deliver one plenary after another.

This year it’s the ‘what’s new?’ of Birth. Clinical topics clinicians need to know, including:

  • When should we deliver twins? How should we be delivering them, vaginally or straight to Caesar?
  • How should we get that stubborn cervix ready for labour? Balloon? Prostin? Or should we sit on our hands and give it time?
  • A practical update all about neonatology – but were too afraid to ask! Pitched to non-neonatologists.
  • Improving detection of fetal growth restriction: is universal ultrasound or MCA the answer?
  • Are we finally making inroads into preeclampsia prevention and treatment? Hear about astounding clinical trials that might be game changers.
  • Getting out of a tight spot: tips for shoulder dystocia and other dire obstetric emergencies
  • A VBAC update : let’s hear how we really should be counselling women, from THE international authority
  • Preventing preterm birth: untangling the mess of progesterone, pessary, antibiotics and cerclage
  • Is induction at 39 weeks ready for prime time?
  • Should we slug all women having a cold caesar at term with steroids? What is this I hear about long term concerns?

This year, we are really putting the global into GOU, and are thrilled to announce our international speaker line-up:

  • Prof Gordon Smith: twins and FGR  expert from Cambridge (UK)
  • Prof William Grobman, labour and birth guru from USA
  • A/Prof Liona Poon from the Fetal Medicine Foundation (UK), and now based in Hong Kong
  • Dr Cathy Cluver updates us from Cape Town, South Africa
  • Dr Katie Groom, international obstetric trialist, New Zealand
  • Prof Sebastian Ilanes, preeclampsia and diabetes expert from South America

Add to this your cast of favourites across Australia (think Profs John Newnham, Jonathan Morris, Ben Mol, Roger Smith) plus new faces A/Prof Michael Stark, Prof William Tarnow-Mordi (eminent neonatologists), and A/Prof Jo Said (MFM) and we have more gold statues than La La Land! 

All our speakers have a clear remit: to bring a clear, engaging and accessible summary of best practice and the international literature for clinicians at the coalface.

Special events include our Global Obstetric Journal Club (what’s hot off the press this year, with off-field commentary by the formidable gathering of experts), Global Obstetric Ward Round (what progress are we making around the world?) and our special Global Obstetric Mastermind. Pit yourself against the experts! 

We are going to host all delegates with a welcome BBQ. And our conference dinner is an absolute must - to be held at the spectacular MCG.

We look forward to seeing you at the golden Global Obstetric Update 2017. Preliminary program and registration available here

Finally we are pleased to announce super early bird rate until 30 April 2017.

Don't be stuck outside - book the hottest tickets in town...or in the globe, before they run out.

See you at GOU 2017!

Team GOU: Sue, Stephen, Lisa, Ali and Nat