The Second National Oncofertility Summit 2019

Ella Latham Lecture Theatre
The Royal Children's Hospital
50 Flemington Rd
Parkville, Victoria 3052

The Second National Oncofertility Summit 2019

Despite its many challenges, oncofertility continues to rapidly advance. In 2012 in response to calls from cancer survivors and their families, a multidisciplinary taskforce involving major Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) partners was established across the paediatric and adult sectors to address the unmet needs around fertility. Respectful exchange has enabled the introduction of new ethical and integrated models of care. It is in this spirit that we welcome families, clinicians, scientists and policymakers to the second National Oncofertility Summit at The Royal Children’s Hospital. We hope to explore potential solutions for the most challenging issues in oncofertility care and survivorship.

Key themes for this conference include:

  • Science and technology: where did we come from, where are we now
  • Programs: updates from Australasian, Global and European Oncofertility Consortiums
  • Working towards national key performance indicators in paediatric oncofertility
  • Governance: selection criteria and clinical ethics governance
  • Care for special populations: cancer, gender diverse community, Turner Syndrome
  • Psychosocial: Supporting patients, families and clinicians in fertility decision-making
  • The value of coordinated nurse-led oncofertility care
  • Sexual and reproductive health care in survivorship

Speakers and topics:

  • Ms Amelia Arnold: Non-genetic parenting pathways after cancer
  • Dr Astrid Ahler (University Hospital, Basel): Body image and psychosexual wellbeing in survivorship
  • Dr Antoinette Anazodo (Sydney Children’s Hospital): International Oncofertility Frameworks
  • Professor Richard Anderson (The University of Edinburgh): The Edinburgh Criteria
  • Associate Professor Leslie Appiah (The Ohio State University College of Medicine): Advancement in the Global Oncofertility Consortium
  • Professor Lynn Gillam (The RCH Melbourne): Clinical ethics governance of paediatric oncofertility
  • Dr Deb Gook (The Women’s Melbourne): Reproductive advances: Foundations to future
  • Professor Martha Hickey (University of Melbourne): Menopause after cancer
  • Dr Karla Hutt (Monash University): Mechanism of ovarian follicle loss caused by cancer treatment
  • Dr Yasmin Jayasinghe (The RCH Melbourne): Paediatric oncofertility
  • Dr Ken Pang (The RCH Melbourne): Fertility care in transgender patients
  • Dr Michelle Peate (The Women's Melbourne): Supporting oncofertility decision-making
  • Associate Professor Kate Stern (The Women’s Melbourne): Ovarian tissue grafting where are we now?
  • Professor Michael Sullivan (The RCH Melbourne): WHO global initiative in childhood cancer
  • Associate Professor Patrick Western (Hudson Institute of Medical Research): Epigenomic impact of novel cancer therapies
  • Professor Christine Wyns (Clinique Universitaires Saint Luc UCL Brexelles): Fertility preservation in prepubertal boys (either in person or by digital presentation)
  • Professor Margaret Zacharin (The RCH Melbourne): Reproductive health in BMT patients