2024 Recordings

22 January 2024Presenter :  Dr Debjyoti Karmakar
Title :  Optimising diagnostics in use of Fetal ECG sensor in high-risk pregnancies, CTG interpretation and Endometriosis imaging using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms
Recording : Link
29 January 2024Presenter :  Dr Sarvenaz Sabourirad
Title :  Characterizing the expression/function of factors associated with preeclampsia
Recording : Link
30 January 2024Presenter :  Dorcas Serwaa
Title :  Improving the management of menopause symptoms in cancer survivorship
Recording : Link
5 February 2024Presenter :  Dr Arun Sett
Title : Ultrasound assessment of the Newborn Lung
Recording : Link
9 February 2024Presenter :  Alice Poulton
Title :  Exploring the lived experiences of individuals and couples accessing Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing for Monogenic conditions (PGT-M)
Recording : Link
26 February 2024
Presenter: Manju Kandel
Title: Preeclampsia pathogenesis, prediction, and potential therapeutics
Recording: Link
4 March 2024
Presenter: Dr Melvin Marzan
Title: Geospatial determinants of Maternal Overweight, Gestational Diabetes and Macrosomia in Melbourne during and after COVID-19 lockdowns
Recording: Link
18 March 2024
Presenter: Teck Phui Chua
Title: Minnie Ackman Lecture and Progress Review
Recording: Link
25 March 2024
Title: Reducing the Risk of Pre-eclampsia in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome using Lifestyle and Medical Management Strategies
Presenter: Dr Jim Parker
Recording: Link
15 April 2024
Title: Wet Chemical Synthesis of Semiconductor Nanostructures for Energy Applications
Presenter: Associate Professor Enrico Della Gaspera
Recording: Link
22 April 2024
Title: A global approach to advancing prediction and understanding of placental insufficiency
Presenter: Stefan Botha
Recording: Link
29 April 2024
Title: PhD Confirmation Seminar: A global approach to advancing prediction of preeclampsia pathogenesis
Presenter: Sunhild Hartmann
Recording: Link
6 May 2024
Title: Paediatric follicle density model
Presenter: Dr Madhura Jayasingam
Recording : Link
13 May 2024
Title: Completion Seminar: Developing innovative models for the examination of vascular adaptations and dysfunction in pregnancy
Presenter: Bianca Fato
Recording: Link
17 May 20023Title : Eggsurance? Identifying and Addressing the Decision Support of Women Considering Elective Egg Freezing with a Purpose-Built Decision Aid
Presenter : Sherine Sandhu
Recording : Link