Level E Promotions

Pictured Professor Joanne Said, Professor Brett Manley & Professor Lisa Hui

It is with the greatest pride and pleasure that we can announce the outcome of the latest Academic Promotions to Level E. We are delighted to advise that Professor Lisa Hui, Professor Brett Manley and Professor Joanne Said have all been elevated to full Professor in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Newborn Health, University of Melbourne.

Lisa, Brett and Jo are most deserving of this honour and recognition. They are all stellar contributors in the domains of teaching, research and leadership. Moreover, they infuse our Department with enthusiasm, wisdom, humility and kindness. They are exemplars of our Faculty values. Any Department in the world would be thrilled to have even one of them among their ranks. And we are fortunate to have all 3!! I know all of them would acknowledge the enormous efforts of many who have helped the advancement of their careers . From mentors and supervisors, to research collaborators, academic partners, team members, professional staff, nurses, midwives, teachers, research assistants, students- and their all-important family, friends and home teams. This is a celebration of the work of so many.

We extend our warmest congratulations to Lisa, Jo and Brett. We are absolutely delighted for you- and incredibly proud.