2019 MDHS ECR Travel Grant Scheme


Dr Sarah Holdsworth-Carson was successfully awarded a travel grant after being short-listed to present her Early Career Research Travel Grant application to the Research Faculty Executive Sub-committee: a 3 minute presentation, with no slides or props.  Dr Holdsworth-Carson will use the scholarship to attend the Society for Reproductive Biology’s (SRB) Annual Scientific Meeting in Sydney and one-day Endometriosis Workshop (organised by SRB to coincide with the ASM).  Dr Holdsworth-Carson has been invited to speak at the Endometriosis Workshop and will present several posters at the SRB ASM.  She will present her latest research exploring and characterising human endometriotic lesions.  By comprehensively characterising lesion morphology and the biochemical constituents of the tissues, the objective of her research is to improve endometriosis classification and to identity novel biomarkers of disease.