NHMRC Ideas Grant 2022

Pictured Dr Wei Zhou, Dr Ellen Menkhorst, Prof Eva Dimitriadis

Congratulations to Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology researchers Dr Ellen Menkhorst, Prof Eva Dimitriadis and Dr Wei Zhou for the success in being awarded a NHMRC Ideas Grant.

Dr Ellen Menkhorst is CI on the NHMRC Ideas grant funded project “Uncovering and detecting placental dysfunction in late-onset preeclampsia”. The funding is for $1,222,195 over 3 years.

The project investigators also include Prof Eva Dimitriadis, Dr Wei Zhou and Prof Kypros Nicolaides from King’s College London.

Preeclampsia is a life-threatening disease of pregnancy with grave immediate and life-long consequences for the mother and baby. The root cause of preeclampsia is an unhealthy placenta which releases toxins into the maternal blood causing maternal organ damage. This project will identify early pregnancy biomarkers to detect women who are at risk of developing preeclampsia and discover the key molecular mechanisms which drive preeclampsia, leading to new preventative treatment options.

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