O&G Grant Seminar & Department Dinner

The Research & Research Strategy Committee hosted a Grant Seminar & Department Dinner on  Monday 10 July at Woodward Centre University House.

The Grant Seminar was kicked off by Prof Natalie Hannan giving an overview of ARC funding opportunities and spoke about the experience of being awarded an ARC Future Fellowship.

We then heard from Jon Gooi, Manger MRFF Initiatives in Research, Innovation and Commercialisation at University of Melbourne. Prof Peter Rogers spoke about his experience in getting a MRFF grant.

We heard from A/Prof Brett Manley who gave us an overview of NHMRC grants and gave insights to the breakdown of grants held within our Department.

Prof Stephen Tong shared his knowledge of NHMRC Fellowships and Synergy Grants and Dr Roxanne Hastie spoke about her experience applying for NHMRC Ideas Grants.

As the city lights began to appear in the city skyline, Prof Tong & A/Prof Manley facilitated a group discussion about grants and ways to support further Department grant success. Members of the department were open and honest sharing their experiences and knowledge.

The Department Dinner was held straight after in the South Room of the Woodward Centre at University House. Members of the department enjoyed a 3 course meal and were encouraged to mingle with staff and students from other precincts.

One of the evening highlights was Prof Natalie Hannan discussion with Emeritus Prof Lex Doyle about his distinguished career. Prof Doyle shared his insights into how to re-frame setbacks and reinforced the message of if first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

Another highlight of the evening was the quiz hosted by the Mercy GR Students. The students bent the minds of the department members with their entertaining questions. We all learnt that the spotted hyena gives birth through the tip of a peniform clitoris (pseudo-penis) and that the first written record of a mother and baby surviving a caesarean section was in1500. Ultimately 'The Eggsit Strategy' team got to take home a bag of chocolates each and the glory of the title ‘Quiz Winners’.

It was an innovative, engaging and great team building event across the Department.