The ASQ-TRAK Toy Kit

The ASQ-TRAK Toy Kit

Having the right toys and materials is an important part of the ASQ-TRAK administration. We understand ASQ-TRAK users' frustration at not being able to source items for the Toy Kit, especially in remote settings. Following increasing enquiries and requests, we have produced an ASQ-TRAK Toy Kit. The Toy Kit contains 20 individual items that have been specially sourced to meet the requirements of ASQ-TRAK administration.

You can buy your own ASQ-TRAK Toy Kit from the RCH Shop at Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne.

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What's inside?

All the ASQ-TRAK Toy Kit items are contained in a soft storage bag placed inside a zipped trolley bag for easy storage and transportation.

The Toy Kit contains:

1. Large soft ball6. Eleven wooden blocks11. Garment with large button16. Hardcover picture book for identifying simple objects
2. Clear plastic water bottle7. Shoe lace12. Garment with zip17. Plastic jar with handle and screw top lid
3. Plastic baby doll8. Child-safe scissors13. Large crayons18. Baby teething rings
4. Small soft ball9. Sultanas or dry biscuits14. Puzzle19. Two plastic cups with handles
5. Mirror with handle10. Plastic comb15. Softcover picture book for turning pages20. Antibacterial cleaning wipes