ASQ-TRAK Facilitator Training

  • Who is ASQ-TRAK Facilitator training for?

    ASQ-TRAK Facilitator Training is designed for Certified ASQ-TRAK Practitioners who wish to deliver ASQ-TRAK Training with fidelity to colleagues within their organisation.

    Upon completion, participants will be recognised as an Accredited ASQ-TRAK Training Facilitator for one year, with an annual re-accreditation update requirement to support best practice.

  • Who is eligible to register for ASQ-TRAK Facilitator training?

    To be eligible to register for Facilitator Training, participants must have completed foundation Practitioner training delivered by an Accredited ASQ-TRAK Training Facilitator and be recognised as a Certified ASQ-TRAK Practitioner, or be on track to do so by the online tutorial (see training pathway diagram)

  • What is involved in ASQ-TRAK Facilitator training?

    Full details of the training modules and delivery are available to download here. Each training round includes self-paced background reading and two live group tutorial sessions, after which, participants will be recognised as Provisional Facilitators.

    To complete accreditation, participants will be required to deliver ASQ-TRAK Practitioner training within six-months of attending the group tutorial, and complete a self-assessment and reflection.

  • When are the ASQ-TRAK Facilitator Training rounds?

    Training rounds run periodically approximately once a quarter - see our Upcoming ASQ-TRAK Facilitator Training page for dates. Registrations close six weeks prior to the online tutorial session to allow plenty of time to complete the preparatory activities.

    The self-paced modules start one month prior to the online tutorial. Tutorial sessions are four hours each and held on two consecutive days; advertised session times are set at Australian Eastern Standard/Daylight Time (AEST/AEDT).

    The full 2021 Facilitator training schedule, with milestones and due dates for modules in each training round is available to download here.