ASQ-TRAK Practitioner Training FAQs

  • Do I need any ASQ-TRAK training?

    The ASQ-TRAK is unique and user training is recommended. Further information about ASQ-TRAK training is available on the Training page.

  • What is ASQ-TRAK Practitioner Training?

    ASQ-TRAK Practitioner Training provides education and instruction in the faithful use of the ASQ-TRAK culturally appropriate developmental screening tool.

    Delivered by staff from the Unit for Indigenous Child Development Measures, the two-day interactive workshop covers predicting and supporting healthy development in early childhood; the purpose and process of culturally appropriate developmental monitoring; the correct technique for administering, interpreting and communicating results of the ASQ-TRAK; using the ASQ-TRAK to foster culturally safe developmental monitoring partnerships with families; and preparation for completion of a half-day of workplace practice with peer coaching (within six weeks of the workshop), to self-evaluate competency in using the ASQ-TRAK with fidelity.

  • How is ASQ-TRAK Practitioner Training delivered?

    Practitioner training is delivered either as an outreach program of customised workshops for larger groups on site in their workplace, or for smaller groups and individuals who wish to attend centre-based workshops at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.

    Limited to 14 participants, the intimate workshop format enables content to be delivered through participant interaction, including small and large group discussion, analysis of video examples, behaviour rehearsals, and hands-on time with the tool and materials.

    Due to the requirements of training participation, ASQ-TRAK Practitioner Training is not able to be delivered online.

  • Who can attend ASQ-TRAK Practitioner Training?

    The training is suitable for anyone with an interest in implementing the ASQ-TRAK in their organisation. This includes any practitioners who will be working directly with families, specialists who will be receiving referrals based on the screening outcomes, and managers who will be supporting the implementation at an organisational level.

  • How is the ASQ-TRAK Practitioner Training recognised?

    Participants who complete both the two-day workshop and half-day workplace practice with peer coaching within six weeks of the workshop, will be recognised as Certified ASQ-TRAK Practitioners.

    Participants who attend the workshop but do not complete the workplace practice task within six weeks of the workshop, will be recognised as an ASQ-TRAK Supporter.

    Certified ASQ-TRAK Practitioners who are interested in delivering ASQ-TRAK training to colleagues in their workplace, will be eligible to register for Accredited ASQ-TRAK Facilitator training.

  • What is included in the training registration fee?

    The registration fee includes the two-day workshop plus all learning materials, post-training support, access to an online resource hub and an invitation to participate in a Community of Practice.

  • What other costs are associated with the training?

    The trainers will provide ASQ-TRAK materials for practice during the workshop. However, for ongoing use after the workshop, your organisation will need to purchase the ASQ-TRAK Tool Kits and the optional Toy Materials Kit from the RCH Shop.  All travel costs are the responsibility of the participants.  Where workshops are delivered in the workplace, the host organisation is responsible for providing the training venue and audio visual equipment, catering, and meeting the cost of trainer travel from Melbourne.

  • When are the ASQ-TRAK Practitioner Training workshops held?

    ASQ-TRAK Practitioner Training in the Workplace can be delivered throughout the year - see our outreach workshop page for available dates.

    ASQ-TRAK Practitioner Training workshops are held at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne periodically throughout the year, approximately once a quarter - see the Upcoming ASQ-TRAK Practitioner Training at RCH page for dates.