This training was so fantastic and allowed us to have really important conversations about how to use this tool in a way that is culturally safe and respectful. It was also great yarning about Aboriginal risk and resilience factors as this is really useful and relevant to the work I do in community.

Adrienne Lipscomb, Senior Facilitator (Learning & Development) and Senior Practitioner (Aboriginal Children’s Healing Team), Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency.

ASQ-TRAK Practitioner Training

The ASQ-TRAK is unique and user training is strongly recommended. A customised training program was developed alongside the adaption of the ASQ-3, based on adult learning theories and recommendations from the literature regarding culturally appropriate professional development methods. Administering the ASQ-TRAK without training increases the risk that the ASQ-TRAK will be used in culturally unsafe ways.

The University of Melbourne delivers ASQ-TRAK Practitioner Training nationally for staff groups in the workplace.

The ASQ-TRAK Training workshop has been:
  • developed from culturally appropriate professional learning methods.
  • shown to improve practitioners' skills, knowledge, competence, and confidence to identify and manage developmental difficulties and promote child development.*

* Culturally Appropriate Training for Remote Australian Aboriginal Health Workers: Evaluation of an Early Child Development Training Intervention

Download the ASQ-TRAK Training brochure

Upon completion of ASQ-TRAK Training, participants are recognised as Certified ASQ-TRAK Practitioners. Certification includes access to further online resources and a Community of Practice to maintain knowledge currency.

ASQ-TRAK Facilitator Training (online delivery)

The ASQ-TRAK Facilitator Training increases the sustainability of ASQ-TRAK implementation within an organisation. This training is designed for Certified ASQ-TRAK Practitioners who wish to deliver ASQ-TRAK Training with fidelity to colleagues within their organisation.

Upon completion of ASQ-TRAK Facilitator Training, participants are recognised as Accredited ASQ-TRAK Facilitators (annual re-accreditation required).

How do I know which training is right for me?

There are different pathways for individuals based on the role they have within their organisation. The ASQ-TRAK training pathway map links training options to the desired practice outcome of an individual.

* To complete ASQ-TRAK Facilitator training an individual must be a Certified ASQ-TRAK Practitioner.