Campus Partnership At Work

Working with our Campus Partners, the Department is a key player in a number of important initiatives which enhance the clinical and academic endeavours of the campus.

  • Campus Mental Health Strategy

    The Melbourne Children’s Campus has endorsed the development of an innovative, Campus-wide Mental Health Strategy 2021 – 2025 (the Strategy).  The Strategy sets out the vision for an integrated, high quality and evidence-based approach to infant, child and adolescent (0-18 years) mental health care, research, and education across the Melbourne Children’s Campus including (The Royal Children’s Hospital, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, The University of Melbourne).

    Read more about the Campus Mental Health Strategy.

  • Enhancing Medical Education Program

    An initiative supported by the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation, the Department of Paediatrics is developing a suite of educational programs to improve the quality, methodology, evaluation and cost-effectiveness of educational activities on the Melbourne Children’s campus.

    Read more about the Enhancing Medical Education Program.

    View the current suite of projects.

  • Health & Education Learning Precinct (HELP)

    Supporting the education and learning needs of the RCH campus community, the HELP has 23 learning spaces including meeting rooms, seminar rooms, tutorial rooms, Collaborative Learning Spaces (CLS), Learning Labs (LL), Simulation Centre and technical skills laboratory area and The Ella Latham Auditorium.

  • Melbourne Children's Clinical Paediatric Update

    The annual Clinical Paediatric Update (CPU) is held over a mid-year weekend at the Royal Children’s Hospital campus in Melbourne.  The CPU is designed to offer general paediatricians, trainees, and other interested medical practitioners an update in a variety of areas in child and adolescent health which are relevant to their day-to-day clinical work.

  • Melbourne Children's Graduate Programs

    Ensuring the best for our graduate research students.

  • Melbourne Children's LifeCourse Initiative

    There are few centres worldwide with such extensive population and clinical studies designed to address different questions central to early life health and development. These studies provide a unique opportunity to inform new approaches to prevention and treatment across childhood and adolescence. The vision of LifeCourse is to maximise the value of these studies to inform better outcomes for children and adolescents across the continuum of care.

    Our aim is for the Melbourne Children’s Campus to lead the national integration of early lifecourse data to create an unparalleled resource for informing practice and policy – a resource that will enhance the capacity of the clinical and medical research community to inform Government and the healthcare sector about the best timing and targeting of interventions that prevent disease and disorder, enhance treatment of disease and disorder, and promote wellbeing.

    For more information about LifeCourse, please contact or visit the LifeCourse Initiative.

  • Melbourne Children's Trials Centre (MCTC)

    The Melbourne Children’s Trials Centre (MCTC) is a unique collaboration between the Royal Children’s Hospital, The Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation and The University of Melbourne. These institutes bring together expertise in research, clinical practice and education.

    MCTC is built on the principles of quality, efficiency and innovation. We provide our investigators and industry sponsors with support for clinical research ranging from trials of novel therapeutic agents to large public health prevention trials. MCTC has a dedicated drug study area for early phase clinical trials, and a large family friendly observational research and outpatient clinic space for low acuity studies. We also have staff to support each stage of a trial from concept, to protocol design through to trial conduct and analysis. As a leader in paediatric trial design and conduct, MCTC invests in innovative trial designs and innovative use of new technologies.  Our collaboration with the Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics Unit (CEBU), and with leading health economists at the University of Melbourne, supports these initiatives.The MCTC enables researchers to bring new and novel therapies to children earlier, and generates knowledge to improve healthcare for all children.

  • RCH Human Research Ethics Committee
  • RCH Simulation Programs

    The University and Hospital have worked together to support the development of simulation training on the campus, with the inclusion of simulation training rooms in the education precinct of the campus.

    Read more to find out about programs and the registration process:

  • The Education Hub

    The Education Hub, situated at The Royal Children’s Hospital, partners with medical, nursing and allied health teams to support quality education for health professionals. Our aim is to develop and promote educational programs and resources, bring educators together in a strengthened network, optimise the use of technology for education and support a culture of learning at the Melbourne Children's Campus and beyond. For more information, please visit The Education Hub or contact the Education Hub team at