Centre for Health Analytics – Launch

Centre for Health Analytics – Unleashing the power of data to improve health

In August 2020, a big-thinking, five-year grant from The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation was the catalyst for creating the Centre for Health Analytics. The first of its kind in Australia, this hive of potential and ideas interprets data into meaning to change and ease difficult moments in children and young people’s lives. Using data to redesign industry operations and apply collected information, the Centre will reshape the structure and delivery of education and research campus-wide.

Health analytics is the digital meeting place of health care, information technology and science. Information can make a big difference in little lives. At the right time, the right data presented in the right way can inform decisions and impact prevention, treatment, and cure of conditions. It can also influence policymakers and public health governance.

Kate Lucas, Director of the Centre for Health Analytics, says the Centre is not just about the EMR.
“We want to grow our team to support an increased used of quality data across the Campus. We’ve heard that for many there is a desire to do more with the data that is on our EMR, so that is where we’re focusing initially. If you have a data and analytics need, please send us a message and we’ll help find you the support you need, and grow a team that will enable the Campus to be an internationally leading paediatric campus in the use of data to improve all aspects of patient care, operations, education and research.”

Centre for Health Analytics Launch