COVID-19 Weekly Vaccine Updates

Congratulations to Professor Fiona Russell, Professor Kim Mulholland, Dr John Hart, Associate Professor Nigel Crawford, Professor Julie Bines and Associate Professor Margie Danchin on their release of this, their inaugural report on COVID-19 vaccines, produced on behalf of the Melbourne Children’s Campus in affiliation with the World Health Organization. As the vaccine roll out accelerates through many parts of the world, and as increasing numbers of the Australian population become eligible to receive immunisation, this living document will prove to be informative, timely and impactful.

Professor Sarath Ranganathan
Stevenson Chair and Head of Department of Paediatrics

Weekly Update Number 4, 8 April 2021

Weekly Update Number 3, 1 April 2021

Weekly Update Number 2, 25 March 2021

Weekly Update Number 1, 16 March 2021

Pacific people in vaccination clinics