FameLab Finalist - Hannah Morgan

Congratulations to our research student Hannah Morgan who was selected as one of the finalists for the FameLab Australia 2023 competition.

FameLab provides an ideal platform for early career researchers to tell a national and international audience about their work. The participants are given the opportunity to make their labs famous, and take their careers to the next level by creating their profiles as quality researchers and trained communicators.

In the competition, Hannah had received some science communication trainings to showcase her research. It involves the establishment and piloting of the Vaccine Safety Health Link (VSHL), a new vaccine safety surveillance system.

VSHL links vaccination data from the Australian Immunisation Register with data about hospitalisations, visits to a GP, mortality, and pregnancy and birth to create a detailed dataset for rapid and sensitive investigation of vaccine adverse events.

FameLab Finalist Hannah Morgan

Hannah Morgan holding the prop that she used for the competition

As one of the three finalists from Victoria, Hannah feels very honoured to have this opportunity to represent the University of Melbourne and Murdoch Children's Research Institute. She will compete in the Australia Grand Final held in Perth this September and we wish her all the best!